As part of your City of Phoenix benefits package, you have access to a variety of additional programs that can help save you money and provide important assistance with everyday needs.

Legal Plan & ID Theft Services

You have two ARAG legal plan options that you may elect and pay for in 2019:

  • Value Plan – $12.00 per month for the most common legal services.
  • Full Plan – $24.40 per month for legal services plus ID theft protection and tax preparation assistance, among other buy-up features.

Both ARAG legal plans offer affordable access to attorneys for legal services such as will preparation, estate planning, and family law:

  • Give yourself, your spouse/qualified domestic partner, and your dependents access to a nationwide network of attorneys.
  • Legal advice is a phone call away, and representatives will help you find an attorney in your area.

The Full Plan includes coverage for ID theft services for you and your family members, such as:

  • Credit monitoring that notifies you of changes to the accounts you choose to monitor.
  • Internet surveillance to alert you if your identity is traded or sold online.
  • Full-service identity restoration will work on your behalf to restore your identity.
  • Lost wallet services can assist in canceling and reissuing personal documents.
  • Identity theft insurance with coverage up to $1 million for expenses associated with identity restoration.

For a full comparison of the two plans, please see this chart.

For more information, visit the ARAG website and enter access code: 16922phx.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance, available through Nationwide Pet Insurance, provides coverage to help you cover the costs of veterinary care:

  • Protect against the financial impact of veterinary care while using any veterinarian worldwide.
  • Receive coverage for your pet's well exams, common illnesses, serious conditions, accidents, X-rays, prescriptions, surgery, and more.
  • Receive a discount on your premiums.
  • Enroll any time of year.

You will pay these premiums directly to Nationwide Pet Insurance. We are working with Nationwide Pet Insurance to make payroll deduction available in 2020.

You may choose from two plan options:

  • My Pet Protection with Wellness – $71.44 per month per covered pet.
  • My Pet Protection – $42.73 per month per covered pet.

You may receive a 10% discount for covering more than one pet.